Retailers to Reduce 85 Percent of Cardboard with Reusable Promotional Displays, which leverages the power of The Internet of Things

Would you agree that two of the biggest frustrations for retailers and manufacturers are the lack of efficiency of promotional displays and the lack of meaningful insights into on-shelf availability (OSA), especially when linked to trade promotion management (TPM)?

“What if a promotional display could have everything needed for more competitive promotional activities, being reusable, modular, telescopic, supporting flexible communication and using integrated technology for gathering insights from a Big Data pool”?

AMSTERDAM, 15 FEBRUARY 2017 — Pure Value is launching the Proteus Smart Display, a reusable promotional display, which leverages the power of The Internet of Things as a prominent factor to create a superior product. Not only will the new display allow manufacturers and retailers to be more sustainable and reduce cost by decreasing the use of cardboard by 85 percent, but they will also gain valuable insights on how their promotions are performing and what actions to take for successful future promotions.

Co-Created with retailers & brand owners

The concept was born in co-creation sessions in Belgium, where the largest retailers and manufacturers of international brands agreed that the current promotion management and display in supermarkets is out-of-date for the 21st century. They process established that the current process is inefficient and not working for best profit, with 100 percent waste generated for a one-time use. Other issues they listed related to current promotional activities are: no insights into ROI, no access to marketing, sales & supply chain data for collaboration and long lead times, among many others.

Breaking down the silos

Pure Value aims with Proteus Smart Display to develop a business model that creates sustainable, social and value for each stakeholder. The concept breaks down the silos between the areas of marketing, sales and supply chain for retailers and manufacturers. The entire supply chain should be aligned in terms of waste and efficiency to search for the best results, using the infinite possibilities by integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data technologies rather than traditional business models.

Reusable with integrated technology

Proteus Smart Display is a one-piece metal frame that is foldable, telescopic, adjustable and reusable. It enables easy and interchangeable communication through a digitally-printed sleeve that can be switched in seconds to attend different promotions. The display can be equipped with integrated supply chain management technology, collecting marketing and sales data, as well as based on consumer behaviours, which can then be turned into meaningful insights and calls to actions for better promotion management and on-shelf availability (OSA). The display also allows for intelligent store technology, where it is possible to communicate to the customers.

Increase sustainability and revenue, reduce cost and gain real-time customer insights

Proteus Smart Display is ideally used in a process in which products are stocked by a Co-packer, with direct delivery to the supermarket, where the displays can then fold back into a small package for pickup. This creates a closed circuit with optimum efficiency for all parties. The manufacturer saves time and money and gains insights into customer behaviour and ROI on promotions, the co-packer has a higher yield per square metre and the retailer increases revenue, saves time, has higher efficiency and 85 percent less cardboard waste.

The start of a movement

To further co-create with retailers, manufacturers and partners of Pure Value is the next step of the Proteus Smart Display rollout. There, the application of IoT and Big Data will be developed in partnership with supply chain management solutions provider NeoGrid, as well as new fields of use, such as for flowers and plants and refrigerated displays, and complete solution for stores will be discussed in interactive workshops, to define the next steps towards a breakthrough in retail and manufacturer collaboration.

Join the movement

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