Security Benefits of Cloud-Based VMI

You know that with supply chain management, whether it involves operations at the production, distribution, or in-store, actionable information is the key to streamlined activity and lowered costs. However, the benefits that are displayed through point-of-sale data transfers and accurate forecasting in a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program, can be removed without an adequate network protection in place.

Although there are many security myths surrounding “as-a-service” solutions, next generation cloud-based VMI actually offers heightened data protection for companies when managing their inventory. Because the software framework is particularly designed to coordinate advanced replenishment information within a cooperative relationship, you can orchestrate supply chain improvements that energise your performance indicators and your margin, regardless of your place along the product stream, all conducted within a very safe environment. Here’s why:

Superior ISO Standards

In a cloud-based VMI platform, the virtual network is held to a higher standard of security than traditional designs. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) simply requires stricter protocols for cloud computing. Moreover, providers are subject to regular security audits to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and accuracy. This type of enhanced network diagnostics (that is seldom performed in-house) ensures that your data remains secure.

Error Elimination

The automation involved in cloud-based platforms helps to remove human error. This improves security by reducing the number of inaccuracies involved in the management of your supply chain. Point-of-Sale data and other reports are transferred automatically, eliminating both the time required to re-enter.

Concentrated and Scaled Resources

Cloud-based VMI platforms utilise state-of-the-art filtering, traffic allocation, encryption and verification standards. Because it operates with advanced scalability, cloud data has superior protection against security threats. In addition, lost or stolen devices can be immediately disabled, without a loss of information. Cloud computing employs a variety of storage method, you don’t have to worry about possible breach by lost, stolen, or damaged devices.

Cloud-based VMI offers the layered protection so crucial in today’s network. Combining the elements of key management, advanced encryption, rigid access controls and heightened intelligence, with improved inventory performance creates a forward-thinking solution that secures and improves your supply chain communications, while reducing costs. And by understanding the security benefits of cloud-based VMI, companies can make a worry-free switch to the increased reliability, convenience and productivity that is available through the cloud.

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